Thursday, 16 May 2013

Excellent Videos!!!

Graphic videos...not for the faint hearted!

Cycling For An Event

Sometimes we cycle for an event...
Be it for a charity, promotional, company or even wedding rides!
All type of bicycles are welcomed without any restriction
Usually non competitive...we call it fun rides...
Patriotic ride
Viva Palestine Charity ride
 TEKAS Wedding ride
Family Day ride

Cyclist Smiling Faces!

Cycling will always be a group activity....
Seldom you find an individual cyclist pedalling alone especially during mountain biking
Besides safety reasons, teamwork & socializing are the main ingredient for cycling session
It's about having fun (read - downhill) & hardship (read - climbing) & fighting for your breath together!
But for sure you'll see smiling faces at the summit of the climb!
These photos speak for itself!

our in-house group SPRIDE

on top of the famous Bukit Ramli Shah Alam
 on top of a hill in Sg Lalang trail
on top of Bukit Botak in Sg Buah trail
on top of a pylon in Sg Buah trail